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About Jerpbak-Bayless

Jerpbak-Bayless Company is a precision machining services company that creates OEM components for heavy industry.  Services include 2 to 5 axis CNC turning, 4 and 5 axis CNC milling, helical milling, etc.  We are compliant with ISO-9002 and mil-I 45208 inspection standards.  Housed in our 42,000 square foot facility, we offer prototype and production runs as well as numerous secondary services, which include spline cutting, gun drilling, thread grinding, and more.

Since 1945, Jerpbak-Bayless Company's expert machinists have utilized cutting-edge technology to fulfill the unique needs of our customers.  We excel at tackling the difficult jobs where precision is key and unusual specifications must be met, which allows us to specialize in large-shaft parts, threading, and helical forms.  Our successful performance record allowed us to be a supplier for the U.S. Navy Nuclear program with parts featured on the Nautilus, the world's first nuclear powered submarine.

Corporations of all sizes benefit from Jerpbak-Bayless Company's diverse cell concept, which was designed to reduce the critical path in the precision manufacturing process.  National and international companies have come to rely on our expertise to meet their exacting requirements.  Being conveniently located in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio allows us to logistically reach the majority of the United States within 3-4 business days.

Over seven decades of family-led machining experience allows us to add value for our customers in the most productive and efficient way possible.  Customer specifications are adhered to under quality-controlled situations throughout all phases of our process.  This attention to detail assures consistency, continuity, and reliability as we serve a variety of industries including mining, oil & gas, construction & heavy equipment, food processing, steel mills, plastics, and defense.

About Jerpbak-Bayless
42,000 square feet of manufacturing in
(Cleveland) Solon, Ohio.
  About Jerpbak-Bayless
One of our 7 bays of manufacturing.
This Bay contains a number of our
large CNC 4 axis verticle milling
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