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Prototype & Production CNC Milling at Jerpbak-Bayless Company

With our custom CNC vertical and horizontal milling technology we are able to specialize in CNC machining on small and large parts alike.  Across our 9 machining centers we have work envelopes ranging from 20x20x44' to 36x36x144".  Most of these machines are equipped with 4 axis capability allowing us to offer a unique machining envelope for the most advanced parts you may have.  Most of our milling capability includes machines with fixed tables, which allows us to machine parts much larger than the standard work envelope.   We routinely machine bolt hole patterns on the ends of shafts over 200" in length.

Helical forms, long keyways, and intricate shapes on large parts are just some of the unique processes you will find being completed on a daily basis at Jerpbak-Bayless Company.  Our facility is also outfitted with a number of additional machinery types, which includes, but is not limited to, spline milling (hobbing) machines which can work with parts up to 144" in length, a Sunnen Hone that contains a 16x60" part capacity, 150 ton straightening press, numerous CNC (lathe) turning centers including a mill/turn 5 axis machine with 60" center distance.  Our largest CNC lathe has a 39.4" swing and a 196.8" center distance.  Our CNC deep-hole gun drill has the capacity to drill up to 1.5" in diameter and 40x40x36" work envelope.  All of our advanced CNC milling services are ISO compliant and always meet with high customer expectations.  Our advanced machinery can uphold a +/-.0005" precision tolerance.

Our advanced machinery and highly experienced machinists can also handle a variety of materials such as nickel based alloys, stainless steels, alloy steels, aluminum, bronze, and cast iron.

Jerpbak Bayless Company supplies the parts that keep a diverse range of industries moving forward: Steel mills, food, plastics and rubber, mining and contruction, military and power generation. Our advanced CNC milling technology can be used for a broad variety of applications, including pump, drive, spline and axle shafts, long cylindrical parts, helical shapes, augers, feed screws, conveying screws.  We offer a large selection of additional service options, such as assembly, inspection, welding, precision straightening, and engineering.  We invite you to contact Jerpbak-Bayless to inquire after our many advanced services or to learn more about all of our innovative machining capabilities.

Power generation adjustable drive coupling

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Processes Vertical Milling
Horizontal Milling
Special Processes Deep Hole Drilling
Gun Drilling
Industry Focus Steel Mill
Food Processing
Power Generation
Pulp and Paper
Farm Duty
Plastics and Extrusion
Intended Application Long Cylindrical Parts
Pump Shaft
Drive Shaft
Axel Shaft
Coupling Shaft
Large Custom Shaft
Mine Shaft
Steel Shaft
Spline Shafts
Helical Shapes
Production Volume 1 to 100 pieces
Short Run
Low Volume
CNC Vertical Milling Equipment List Vertical 20" x 44" with rotary indexer
Vertical 20" x 20" x 144" with full 4th rotary axis 16" diameter with 6.3" through hole
Vertical 20" x 20" x 41" with full 4th rotary axis
Vertical 20" x 20" x 124", 50 taper, full 4th rotary axis 16 " diameter with 6.3" through hole
Vertical 32" x 32" x 145", 50 taper, full 4th rotary axis 20" diameter, 10" through hole
CNC Horizontal Milling Equipment List Horizontal 25" x 25" x 31", 50 taper, 20" pallets, 1 degree indexing
Horizontal 60" x 60" x 72", 50 taper
Horizontal 18" x 18" setup for long shaft end work and upgraded for CNC part indexing
Deep Hole Gun Drilling CNC Deep Hole Gun Drilling capacity to 1.5" diameter, 40" x 40" x 36" depth
Additional Equipment List Sunen Hone 16" x 60"
Long Bed Engine Lathes up to 238", 9" spindle through hole
Spline Milling Machines up to 144" length
150 ton straightening press
Materials Alloy Steels
Stainless Steel
Cast Iron
Tool Steel
Part Dimensions Available Unlimited Part Lengths
Outer Diameters Available 1.5" to 34", usual range
Tolerance Available Usually up to +/-.0005"
No restrictions
Lead Times Available Quoted on job by job basis
Emergency and rush services available
Secondary Services Offered Inspection
Precision Straightening
Gun Drilling
Industry Standards ISO compliant
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