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Precision Custom Threading at Jerpbak-Bayless Company

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Large form buttress screw thread used in the steel industry

Jerpbak-Bayless provides superior custom OD grinding, thread grinding, and helical milling services.  From thread and spline milling to precision grinding and polishing, our machinery can uphold a +/-.0005" precision tolerance, and a .0003" oncentricity.  We can work with parts weighing up to five tons with unlimited length capacity.   Our advanced machinery and highly experienced machinists can also handle a variety of materials such as nickel based alloys, stainless steels, alloy steels, aluminum, bronze and cast iron.

Our equipment inventory includes a variety of thread cutting machines, many of which have been specially retro-fitted to cut much more advanced thread forms than usually possible.  Our largest thread milling machine is capable of cutting threads 228" long in one setup.  If your part is 6" diameter or less we can work with essentially unlimited length.  For our clients with larger diameter requirements we have specially adapted CNC lathes that can handle most standard and special thread forms up to a 39.4" diameter and a 196.8" part length.  We routinely cut acme, square, and trapezoidal threads as well as all forms of V-threads.  With our portable CMM we can inspect many aspects of your custom threads right in the machine.  Jerpbak-Bayless can also perform pre and post machining services on your threaded or non-threaded parts.

We have a wide variety of equipment in our 42,000 square foot facility which includes, but is not limited to, a CNC OD Grinder that can grind parts measuring up to 14x233" and a CNC deep hole gun with a drilling capacity of 1.5" diameter in a work envelope of 40x40x36".  With our 9 CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers we can handle most milling requirements.  Our biggest machine has 144" of X axis travel in a full 4 axis configuration. We also employ a variety of quality control inspection machines, such as a portable CMM, an optical comparator, and other standard metrology instruments, which helps us to ensure the quality of all our manufactured products.

From axle, coupling, and large custom shafts, our advanced, CNC turning, CNC OD grinding, thread grinding and helical milling services are ISO compliant and can be used for a variety of applications.  At Jerpbak-Bayless we routinely serve a wide range of industries, including mining, HVAC, plastics, food equipment, construction and marine.  Please contact our company today to learn more about our advanced capabilities or any of our additional services, which include honing, engineering, precision straightening, and hard-facing.

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Milling Processes Helical Milling
Grinding Processes CNC OD Grinding
External and Outside diameter grinding
Internal and inside diameter grinding
Multiple diameter grinding
Precision grinding
Threading Processes Thread Grinding
Thread Milling
Spline Milling
Industry Focus Steel Mill
Food Processing
Power Generation
Pulp and Paper
Farm Duty
Plastics and Extrusion
Intended Application Long Cylindrical Parts
Pump Shaft
Drive Shaft
Axel Shaft
Coupling Shaft
Large Custom Shaft
Mine Shaft
Steel Shaft
Spline Shafts
Helical Shapes
Production Volume 1 to 100 pieces
Short Run
Low Volume
CNC Turning Equipment List 34" x 120"
24" x 102", 6.5" diameter spindle through hole
19" x 50"
29.5" x 120", 7.1" diameter spindle through hole
30" x 86", 6.5" diameter spindle through hole
32" x 120", 12.0" diameter spindle hole
15" x 80"
30" x 86"
Grinding Equipment List CNC OD Grinder 14" x 233"
Excello Thread Grinder, #50 external
Excello Thread Grinder, #33 external
Deep Hole Gun Drilling CNC Deep Hole Gun Drilling capacity to 1.5" diameter, 40" x 40" x 36" depth
Additional Equipment List Sunen Hone 16" x 60"
Long Bed Engine Lathes up to 238", 9" spindle through hole
Spline Milling Machines up to 144" length
150 ton straightening press
Quality Control inspection Equipment List Portable CMM
Optical Comparator
Standard Metrology Instruments
Materials Alloy Steels
Stainless Steel
Cast Iron
Tool Steel
Part Dimensions Available Unlimited Part Lengths
Outer Diameters Available 1.5" to 34", usual range
Maximum Part Weight 5 tons
Roundness Up to .0001"
Surface Finish As good as 6rms
Concentricity Up to .0003"
Tolerance Available Usually up to +/-.0005"
No restrictions
Lead Times Available Quoted on job by job basis
Emergency and rush services available
Secondary Services Offered Inspection
Precision Straightening
Gun Drilling
Industry Standards ISO compliant
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