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Augers and Feed Screws for the Plastic, Food & Bulk Handling Industries

Upholding tolerances of .001 inches, we are able to employ many of our advanced service options, such as CNC turning, CNC milling, splining, hardface welding, OD grinding, polishing, and straightening, to manufacture a line of augers and feed screws to be used by the plastics, food, and bulk handling industries.

Jerpbak Bayless on a regular basis manufactures from a solid bar, augers and feed screws up to 5000 pounds. We regularly utilize various tool and alloy steels. Sizes range from less than 1.0" up to 10.0" diameter and up to 225" in length.

After the parts are rough machined, we optionally employ our hardface welding machinery to equip components with hardface welded flights.  And, with our sophisticated grinding and polishing techniques, each auger and feed screw is polished up to an 8 RMS surface finish.  Finally, through thorough inspection of all part features, we are able to ensure that our products meet the highest customer expectations. Providing a five week lead time for these one-off, small volume production of augers and feed screws, we are able to employ many of our advanced manufacturing and inspection services to successfully produce a series of products that happily meet all client requirements.

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Custom Threaded Steel Augers & Feed Screws
  Custom Steel Augers & Feed Scres for the Plastic, Food & Bulk Handling Industries
  Custom Threaded Steel Auger & Feed Screw

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Capabilities Applied/Processes: CNC Turning, Splining, hardface welding, CNC Milling, OD Grinding, Polishing, and Straightening
Tightest Tolerance: .001"
Diameter: less than 1.0" – 10.0"
Product Length: 10" – 225"
Product Weight: up to 5000 lbs.
Surface Roughness: 8 RMS
Cutting Method: CNC Turning & Milling
Base Material: Various Tool Steels & Alloy Steels
Special Feature: Hardface welded flights
Secondary Operations Applied: Grinding & polishing
Industry for Use: Plastics, food, bulk handling
Volume: Custom one off and small volume production
Delivery Time: 5 weeks
Standards Met: 100% inspection on all features
Product Description: Augers and Feed Screws

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