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Aluminum & Steel Special Threaded Connectors for the Steel Manufacturing Industry

Using our advanced CNC turning and milling services, Jerpbak- Bayless was able to design and build a series of special threaded connectors to be used by the steel manufacturing industry.  By constructing each part out of a combination of 6064 – T6 aluminum and 4340 HT steel, we were able to maximize the service life of our unique products while reducing the customary weight, as each of our newly designed connectors weighed between 20 and 60% less than the prior designs.

All these threaded connectors measured eight inches in length and 4 to 17 inches in diameter.  With a 62 RMS thread surface finish, each piece was built while upholding a .001 inch tolerance.   After the connectors were assembled, we then used a pull test to inspect the strength and integrity of the threads, ensuring that our products were designed and assembled to the highest quality standards.

Inspecting each part to a thread gage, we guarantee that our special connectors meet NEMA standards.  And, we produce 5-10 pieces per month within a five week lead time.  By employing our superior CNC turning and milling service, and combining steel and aluminum an added benefit was a longer sustainable service life. We were able to assemble threaded connectors that met absolute client satisfaction.

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Special Threaded Aluminum & Steel Connectors
  CNC Turned & Milled Aluminum & Steel Connectors
  Aluminum & Steel Special Threaded Connectors for Steel Manufacturing

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Capabilities Applied/Processes: CNC turning, CNC milling
Tightest Tolerance: .001"
Diameter: 4" to 17"
Product Length: 8"
Product Weight: 20 – 150 lbs.
Surface Roughness: 62 RMS
Cutting Method: CNC Turning
Base Material: 6064 – T6 Aluminum & 4340 HT Steel
Special Feature: Unique application of steel and aluminum to reduce weight and maximize service life.
Secondary Operations Applied: Assembled & pull test to specified rating
Industry for Use: Steel manufacturing
Volume: 5 – 10 per month
Delivery Time: 5 weeks
Standards Met: NEMA & Inspected to thread gages.

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