Prototype & Production CNC Milling

With our custom CNC vertical and horizontal milling technology we are able to specialize in CNC machining on small and large parts alike. Across our multiple machining centers we have work envelopes ranging from 20x20x40” to 24x36x200″.

Most of these machines are equipped with 4-axis capability, allowing us to offer a unique machining envelope for the most advanced parts you may have. Most of our milling centers have fixed tables, which allow us to machine parts much larger than the standard work envelope.

Helical forms, long keyways and intricate shapes on large parts are just some of the unique processes frequently machined by Jerpbak-Bayless. Our advanced CNC milling services are ISO compliant and hold +/-.0005″ precision tolerance to meet high customer expectations. We also offer a variety of Specialty Machining and secondary operations.

5-Axis Machining

Jerpbak-Bayless’ 5-axis milling equipment gives us the ability to machine multiple features in one setup, specializing in large-part profile milling up to 24x36x200”. These additional axes of movement allow us to machine at any angle or profile with tighter feature-to-feature tolerances, reducing time associated with machining more complex parts. 5-Axis machining orients the spindle along the appropriate axis automatically, eliminating additional setups. From drilling holes at compound angles to machining complex profiles, our 5-axis capabilities allow us to complete jobs with reduced delivery times and cost.


Our advanced CNC milling technology can be used for a broad variety of applications including but not limited to:

  • Pump, drive, spline and axle shafts
  • Long cylindrical part endface profile milling
  • Helical shapes and augers of all types
  • Feed, conveying and extruder screws

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CNC Milling Portfolio

Bridge Link Plates


Production Volume

1 to 1000 pieces

CNC Vertical Milling Equipment List

20x20x44”, rotary indexer
20x20x144”, 16” diameter full 4th rotary axis with 6.3” through hole
20x20x41”, 12″ diameter full 4th rotary axis
20x20x124”, 16” diameter full 4th rotary axis with 6.3” through hole
30x30x148”, 20” diameter full 4th rotary axis with 10” through hole
24x36x200”, 18″ diameter full 4th rotary axis with 8″ through hole plus full 5-axis capabilities

CNC Horizontal Milling Equipment List

50 taper, 500mm pallets, probing, 4-axis, high pressure coolant
63x50x40”, 50 taper, 31.5” rotary 4th axis, high pressure coolant
18×18” setup for long shaft end-face work

Part Dimensions Available

Unlimited Part Lengths

Outer Diameters Available

1.5″ to 34″, usual range

Tolerance Available

Usually up to +/-.0005″
No restrictions

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We are proud to work with our OEM customers to provide them with a variety of highly-specialized component parts, allowing them to maximize value to their customers.

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