Prototype & Production CNC Turning

Jerpbak-Bayless machines a variety of medium to large shafts and regularly cuts unique thread forms that few others can. Across our numerous CNC turning centers, we have capabilities ranging from 20″ swing with a 60″ center distance to 40″ swing with a 200″ center distance. 

Our advanced turning center capabilities include:

  • Deep boring
  • 5-axis mill/turn
  • Turn-through steady rests
  • Large spindle through-holes for extra long parts

With our innovative CNC turning equipment, Jerpbak-Bayless can hold +/-.0005″ precision tolerances to meet your most extreme turning requirements. We also offer a number of long-bed engine lathes that can handle many secondary operations to keep your jobs running efficiently. Learn more about our additional Specialty Machining and secondary operations.

5-Axis Machining

Jerpbak-Bayless’ mill/turn equipment gives us the ability to machine multiple features in one setup. These additional axes of movement allow for tighter feature-to-feature tolerances, reducing costs associated with machining more complex parts. This allows us to transform rough stock to finished parts in significantly fewer steps. 5-Axis machining eliminates the risk of inconsistencies associated with multiple setups. Parts that previously took six setups can be completed in as few as one, reducing delivery times and costs.


Jerpbak-Bayless successfully assists a wide range of industries with its advanced service options.

Our advanced CNC turning technology can be used for a broad variety of applications including but not limited to:

  • Pump, Drive, Spline, Key and Axle Shafts
  • Threaded shafts
  • Tie bars

We invite you to learn more about our innovative machining capabilities. Request a quote today about our superior CNC turning services or any of our additional service options.

CNC Turning Portfolio

Spline Drive Shaft


Production Volume

1 to 1000 pieces

CNC Turning Equipment List

36×167″, 9.5” diameter spindle through hole, steady rest, double chuck
44×200”, high pressure coolant, large boring capabilities
18×60”, 4” diameter spindle through hole, steady rest
30×86”, 4.5” diameter spindle through hole, steady rest
29.5×120”, 7.1” diameter spindle through hole, steady rest
30×86”, 6.5” diameter spindle through hole, steady rest, high pressure coolant
30×62”, 4.0” diameter spindle through hole, high pressure coolant

Part Dimensions Available

Unlimited Part Lengths

Outer Diameters Available

1.5″ to 34″, usual range

Tolerance Available

Usually up to +/-.0005″
No restrictions

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We are proud to work with our OEM customers to provide them with a variety of highly-specialized component parts, allowing them to maximize value to their customers.

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