Specialty Machining & Secondary Services

When entrusting your project and part requirements to Jerpbak-Bayless, you get the benefit of having multiple disciplines under one roof. We handle your difficult to machine parts, acting as project manager not only for individual parts but also for entire part families.

Our 42,000 square foot facility with 5-ton crane capacity allows us to provide a diverse mix of machining services in addition to turning, milling and threading.

Specialty Machining & Secondary Services


Jerpbak-Bayless’ unique capabilities allow us to cut involute and straight-sided splines for any high torque application. We produce both industry standard DIN, SAE, ISO-14 and ANSI B92.1 as well as custom spline profiles. Additionally, we can provide Internal spline shaping and cutting, blind and through. Jerpbak-Bayless can cut the spline profile you require on big or small parts.

Deep Hole Machining

Many of the parts we supply to our heavy industry customers require highly accurate deep hole features. With our CNC gun drilling capabilities, we machine nearly any size or shape deep hole part configuration. From simple rough-drilled to drilled and finish-honed, we hold the tight finishes and tolerances as needed. Machining straight, tapered, stepped, threaded or grooved deep holes in shafts of all sizes is one of our specialties.

OD Grinding

The OD grinding machines at Jerpbak-Bayless hold the tightest tolerances on a variety of parts. Any of the parts we machine can be ground in-house to improve tolerances and finishes, reducing the reliance on outside vendor operations. Our OD grinding centers can fit parts of a variety of sizes up to 233” in length.

Other Capabilities

  • Hard Face Welding, PTA, TIG and MIG
  • New and Repair Feed Screws
  • Long Shaft Straightening

Specialty Machining Portfolio

Threaded Lifting Connectors


Production Volume

1 to 1000 pieces

Specialty Machining Equipment List

10×144″ Spline-Hob

40x40x36″ CNC Deep Hold Gun Drill

14×233″ CNC OD Grinding

10/28×144″ Manual OD Grinding

10×120″ Manual OD Grinding

10×160″ Manual OD Grinding

16×60″ Hone

150-ton Shaft Straightening Press

10×240″ Hard Face PTA Welding

Tolerance Available

Usually up to +/-.0002″


We are proud to work with our OEM customers to provide them with a variety of highly-specialized component parts, allowing them to maximize value to their customers.

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