4340 Alloy Steel Spline Drive Shaft Used for Deep Mining

Using a variety of cutting processes, such as splining, CNC turning and CNC milling, Jerpbak-Bayless was able to successfully produce a series of spline shafts designed to be used specifically for deep mining. Upholding a .0005 inch precision tolerance, we equipped these custom shafts with a sixteen RMS bearing surface finish and ANSI involute splines.

Constructed from 4340 alloy steel that was heat treated to 38 Rc, we provided each shaft with a material finish that can endure deep mining conditions. Each piece measured 7.5 inches in diameter and 127 inches in length, and weighed 1590 pounds. In order to meet high customer expectations, we inspected all product features, guaranteeing 100 % client satisfaction.

Our well-equipped facility was able to supply all required material and machining equipment necessary to produce each alloy steel shaft. And, we were able to manufacture 10 parts per month over a 12 month time frame. Using a combination of our advanced turning, splining and milling services, we were able to provide quality product in a relatively short time frame.


Capabilities Applied/Processes:

Spline, CNC Turning, and CNC Milling

Tightest Tolerance:


Material Diameter:


Product Length:


Product Weight:

1590 lbs.

Surface Roughness:

16 RMS Bearing Surface

Cutting Method:

CNC Turning, Spline Milling, and CNC Drilling

Base Material:

4340 Alloy Steel Heat Treated to 38 Rc

Material Finish:

Deep Mining

Special Feature:

ANSI Involute Splines

Secondary Operations Applied:

Drilling and Thread Milling

Industry for Use:

Deep Mining


10 pcs/month

Delivery Time:

4 Weeks

Standards Met:

100% Inspection of all features

Product Name:

Spline Drive Shaft

Project Scope:

Supply Material and Machine Complete